By Ronald Court

We coined the term “CharacterPower” to highlight the BTW Society’s primary purpose in bringing the teachings of a great American, Booker T. Washington to today’s youths. Our purpose is not simply to discuss Dr. Washington’s philosophy and host intellectual “symposia” or present papers on his life and legacy. Those efforts better suit the think-tanks and scholars who have kept the flame of Booker T. Washington’s legacy alive. To them, we owe a deep sense of gratitude.

However, the BTW Society is a DO-tank, committed to developing students and leaders of good character and integrity.

Booker T. dedicated his too-brief life to DOING as much as thinking. And so shall we. BTW had little use for those who mired themselves in dwelling on past injustices. For him, there was too much to do, going forward. And so shall we. He believed strongly in a practical education. And so do we. He believed that to achieve a productive, constructive life, one needed to focus as much on character-building as on book-learning. And so do we.

BTW cultivated the whole person by giving weekly talks to students at Tuskegee on topics such as Character, Integrity, Honesty, hard work, service to others and yes, forgiveness. Booker T envisioned a future in which individual effort and an ability…and responsibility…to contribute to society leads to success.

Unfortunately, American culture today seems less interested in cultivating these qualities than in valuing ‘Success,’ as defined by conspicuous consumption, wealth, instant gratification and acquiring self-esteem with effort. Booker T showed the way to a better society. Help us DO things that would make Dr. Washington proud.

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