About CharacterPower

By Ronald Court

“Character is power. If you want to be powerful in the world, if you want to be strong, influential and useful, you can be so in no better way than by having a strong character.” Booker T. Washington

The more I read and study Booker T. Washington, the more I realize what a giant of a man he was. Better than others of his day, he understood that freedom means only being free to choose. It isn’t enough, for one is always free to choose wisely… or poorly. The real question is how to make good choices. Booker T. saw that persons of good character choose wisely to their own — and society’s — benefit more often. So being of good character is the key to making freedom worthwhile.

The motto of the Booker T. Washington Society is, “I CHOOSE.” Each letter stands for a value of character that Booker T. understood as a key element to developing what we call…


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