We’ve Got Work To Do

By Ronald Court

A Boston Globe phone survey last summer, raises a disturbing thought:

Pretty much half of all Blacks polled felt that America is the land of opportunity and are personally achieving the American Dream.

Phone survey-American DreamYet, it looks like only about half of those seem to feel that by working and playing by the rules, they will get to live a comfortable life. Why so negative?

Note the way more positive outlook of Latinos. But all we’ve been hearing lately is how they take all the low-paying jobs “nobody wants.” How can that lead to a “comfortable life?” Oh, wait. They are choosing to work. Many more of them seem to have embraced the optimistic work ethic of Booker T. And it looks like more of them refuse to fall into the “I am a vicitm” trap still being touted by some old-school Black “leaders.” Any shrink will tell you real change come from the inside.

So, for those with “attitude” (negative or positive), what does this tell you? This inquiring mind wants to know. Comment below.

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