By Ronald Court

A Florida family learned on the radio that a terrible hurricane was coming. But as they were church going people their father said, “Don’t worry, God will save us.”

Sure enough, the wind and rains came and the river rose. And as it started to overflow its banks, a neighbor drove up in his minivan, offering to help. “No need” said the father, “God will save us.” So the neighbor drove away.

As the water rose and washed into the 1st floor of the house, a guy in a boat rowed by, offering to help. “No need” said the fatherr, “God will save us.” So the guy rowed away.

The water rose up to the 2nd floor, so they clambored onto the roof. The Coast Guard in a helicopter spotted them and offered to take them out. “No need, God will save us,” they yelled up. So the helicopter flew away.

But the water kept rising, and they finally began to fear for their lives, so they called out to God to save them.

At that moment, the clouds parted and a light shone down. Then, a deep voice boomed down from above, saying, “I told you on the radio. Then I sent a car, a boat and a helicopter. What more do you want?”

Personal responsibility. … Booker T. knew all about that.

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