Who Do You See?

By Ronald Court

The differing perspectives of WEB duBois and Dr. Washington got me to thinking. In this picture below, what do you see?

witch or lady?

Do you see an ugly witch? … or a beautiful lady? Look harder. Can you see the other image also … the lady or the witch?

It’s about perspective. Booker T and WEB clearly saw life differently. For a hundred years, “Duboisians” and “Bookerites” have opposed one another.

I’m a staunch Bookerite, and though the BTW Society is a do tank, make no mistake. Bookerites think as well as do. We can see and understand (as Booker T. did) the view from the other side. However, to understand is not necessarily to agree.

Duboisians over the years have misled people into believing that Booker T.’s view or approach to living, was a “compromise”.

We aim to fix that misperception.

Are you a Bookerite or a Duboisian? This inquiring mind wants to know.

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