On Ownership

By Ronald Court

I want to see you own land.
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It’s almost Christmas Eve and instead of talking about Giving, I’m thinking about Owning. Then again, the two are inextricably linked. You can’t give away — contribute to others — what you don’t own. Booker T. knew that.

Proof of his wisdom on this point indeed on so many of his points) is everywhere. all you need do is look.

Years ago, Chicagoan Phil Donahue created the afternoon TV talk-show genre and became a star. Along came Oprah: a copy-cat. Same town, same format. Only difference: Oprah insisted on owning her show. You know how Oprah’s doing. But we haven’t heard from Phil Donahue for years.

Even a tiny idea (below) can blossom into large profits. Think about that.
Then think about lifting others up. That’s the Booker T. way.


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