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Mt. Vernon

By Ronald Court

I hope the BTW Ambassador Scholarship students, parents and teacher/mentors the Society brought to Washington from New Orleans this April watched the news tonight reporting on the Presidents of the United States and of France touring George Washington’s Mt. Vernon estate. It reminded me of the evening the Society treated them to dinner at Mt. Vernon and a special evening tour of its museum.

Actually, we had booked a special private evening tour of George Washington’s Mt. Vernon home for them, but were “preempted” at the last minute by Nick Cage and his Hollywood film company shooting scenes to a sequel to “National Treasure,” their film about stealing the Declaration of Independence in order to preserve it.

2 BTW Ambassadors at George Washington’s Mt. Vernon Estate Museum‘/>

Still, the museum was opened up for our group to tour and view an exciting multi-media presentation of the independence of our country. In a way, there are two “Fathers of our Country,” both born Virginians, both named Washington and both inspired millions to become independent.

Inasmuch as all our BTW Ambassador students this year were from New Orleans, a city founded by the French, perhaps having walked the same grounds as the Presidents of the US and of France at Mt. Vernon will hold special meaning for them. I hope so.


We’re back from Celebrate BTW ’07, the BTW Society’s annual celebrate/conference/workshop experience for BTW Ambassador Scholars, parents and mentors. Here’s what they had to say.
(The complete responses are posted here.)

…This trip has taught me things about BTW I didn’t know….

… It made me think a lot about my life and parents and what I should do from here. This experience made me realize that I have so many opportunities out there and all I have to do is try. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it to, I should still give it a shot.

… I feel like this is also a sign from God when I came here…

…We really connected like a family for this couple of days…

…it helped me think about ways that I can help myself be successful, that I have been trying to find answers to…

…Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

…I will use my $1,000 scholarship to put towards books in college…

Thank you …and all the guest speakers for this experience and education on Booker T. Washington. I have been truly motivated and inspired to continue to educate myself on this fine American….